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Teaching When No One Is Watching

The subject of this post is an essay commonly referred to as “Lockhart’s Lament” (actually “A Mathematician’s Lament”) about mathematics education, and some of my observations and opinions relating those ideas to homeschooling and volunteering. Before going any further, if … Continue reading

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Deranged Secret Santa

Last week I attended a presentation where the speaker asked everyone in the audience to take off their shoes, and to put them together at the front of the room.  The speaker then asked each person to select and pick … Continue reading

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Birthdays, coincidences, and cryptography

Someone at work this past week asked me about the problem of computing the probability that, in a group of people, some pair of persons share the same birthday.  I am not sure what prompted the question, despite the interesting … Continue reading

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Visual Python

As a mathematician, computer scientist, engineer, and wannabe teacher, I found a lot to be pleasantly surprised about in Visual Python, or VPython.  This is a Python module that provides an easy to use API for creating and animating 3D … Continue reading

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Cops and Robbers

Recall my recent post about mouse-picking, motivated by a “hidden object” puzzle adventure game that my wife and I played?  We have since moved on to another similar game, Penny Dreadfuls: Sweeney Todd.  We enjoyed this game even more, since … Continue reading

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