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Card Shuffling: You’re Not Done Yet

When playing games involving a deck of cards, I am sometimes told that I take too long to shuffle the deck.  This is due in part to the fact that I simply do not shuffle very well, and the extra fumbling takes … Continue reading

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Was the Moon Super or Not?

Recently I have been studying some of the interesting mathematics involved in DNA profiling.  That led to some even more interesting new ideas (or at least new to me) about card shuffling, of all things.  I planned on discussing one or … Continue reading

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The Job Interview Question, Part 2

When I was interviewed for a software engineering job about 7 years ago, during the interview I was asked to play a game of Mastermind.  The interviewer described the game briefly, then secretly wrote down a pattern of colors.  I then provided a … Continue reading

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The Job Interview Question, Part 1

Similar to last month, this week I just want to present a couple of problems to consider.  Once again, neither of these is new, nor particularly difficult.  But I think they are interesting, and as before, these problems have a point, … Continue reading

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