As the tag line suggests, this blog is about science, mathematics, and computing.  I spend my time in my day job as a mathematician, or a computer scientist, or an engineer, depending on the situation, preferably in that order, but usually in reverse.  I also love teaching, and so I reserve the right to fall into pedagogical rants from time to time.

Subject matter typically deals with my day-to-day encounters with mathematical or scientific ideas that I find beautiful, valuable, interesting, amusing, or (less often) infuriating.

I am also a fan of free software.  In the rare cases when my interest in a problem survives long enough to yield some software that others might find enjoyable, useful, or otherwise interesting, I try to make it available here, and on GitHub.

5 Responses to About

  1. claire brown says:

    I work for a charity in Cornwall. Could we use your image of the compass on an activity sheet we are putting on our new Access to Nature Cornwall website. I can provide you with more details but the basic ethos of the project has been to encourage and inspire people to use the outdoors more.

  2. Brian Pereboom says:

    I’m using your arbitrary precision library for one of my projects, and I needed arbitrary precision floats, so I wrote my own using your library as a template. I formatted it differently, but it is essentially the same plus arbitrary precision floats and a separate file that calculates constants (pi, e, and ln(2). I also added square root, natural log, and power functions so far and intend to add more soon. May I submit it as a contribution on github? If so, would you be willing to help optimize/debug it? The only bug I am aware of is in the << operator. I know exactly what triggers it but not how to fix it.

    • Brian– this sounds interesting. If you’re asking if you can create a new repository that includes some/all of my code, but possibly significantly modified (I’m not sure how extensive changes are implied by “using as a template” and “formatted differently”), then sure, no problem. My use of the UNLICENSE is intended to signify that the code is in the public domain, so you’re free to take it and do with it what you will; I certainly appreciate any reference/credit/attribution as courtesy, but it’s not required.

      Re helping to optimize/debug, I can try to help if I can. Let me know when you get a repository setup and I’ll take a look.

  3. Liang Zhao says:

    I’m here for thank you for your inspiring articles. I used your code in my project in these scripts:


    also thank you for your helpul discussions in the below the post.

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