As the tag line suggests, this blog is about science, mathematics, and computing.  I spend my time in my day job as a mathematician, or a computer scientist, or an engineer, depending on the situation, preferably in that order, but usually in reverse.  I also love teaching, and so I reserve the right to fall into pedagogical rants from time to time.

Subject matter typically deals with my day-to-day encounters with mathematical or scientific ideas that I find beautiful, valuable, interesting, amusing, or (less often) infuriating.

I am also a fan of free software.  In the rare cases when my interest in a problem survives long enough to yield some software that others might find enjoyable, useful, or otherwise interesting, I try to make it available here, and on GitHub.

2 Responses to About

  1. claire brown says:

    I work for a charity in Cornwall. Could we use your image of the compass on an activity sheet we are putting on our new Access to Nature Cornwall website. I can provide you with more details but the basic ethos of the project has been to encourage and inspire people to use the outdoors more.

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