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Reddit’s comment ranking algorithm revisited

Introduction The “Bayesian/frequentist” coin puzzle discussed in the last couple of posts was really just an offshoot of some thoughts I have been mulling over about Reddit’s current default approach to ranking user comments on a post, based on the number … Continue reading

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A coin puzzle revisited

This is a follow-up to some interesting discussion in the comments on my previous post, involving a coin-flipping probability puzzle, and a comparison of Bayesian and frequentist approaches to “solving” it.  For completeness, here is the original problem: You have once … Continue reading

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A coin puzzle

Are you a Bayesian or a frequentist?  What do these terms mean, and what are the differences between the two?  For me, these questions have never been terribly interesting, despite many attempts at answers given in the literature (see the … Continue reading

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